Sunday, March 9, 2014

On Thurday the 27th of February this year (2014 sorry a bit late but i took around 1000 photos and got sunburnt (oops)) Was the week of Swinburne's 'O' (orientation) week, while for most of us, that meant tours of campus and briefings on the online interface. For the design students (Including Mechanical, game design, fashion, mechatronics etc) Got the challenge of what is known as an egg drop.
Each group is given a set amount of resources (in this case; paper, tape, straws, bamboo skewers, and a length of string) To create a housing for an egg that will be dropped off a balcony 8 metres up.
Teams were judged on the state of the egg ( Though i have inside knowledge some of the teams sabotaged there own craft so that the egg would break on impact) accuracy, and fitting within the design description (not a parachute , within a certain wing span).

2 hours of drops ensued, a ton of photos ( and regrets for me later in the day as i took most of them in the sun and got burnt.)
Anyway do enjoy :D

The judges recording scores



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