Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kimono de Jack Australia does White Nigt Melbourne

Last night was Melbourne second annual "White night"
The festival is a 7pm-7am event specifically for artists. there were lots of light shows and bands along with stalls and theatre. While our group spent most of our time wandering and enjoying the spectacle of people everywhere (be cause i have never seen the cbd quit that packed)
We all dressed snappy for the occasion having some fun with our look
I was also very pleased with how i tied Dais obi (Bunko Musubi) and only wish i could do it that well on myself T_T
the Melbourne trains were packed, I honestly haven't had to squeeze on a train like this before but on the bright side, now i've been tod it's worse in footy season, and smells like lots of sweaty bodies (ew)
I hope next year they will run more trains for events like this though.

Flinders Station lit up like a christmas tree :D

The sky was fantastic

Food stalls had prepared well this year


All the people!

Cookies and Cream, and Chocolate icecream thickshake, is all kinds of win!

The rest of our crowd.

Wicked jazz band playing with some long Sax solos :D

People in he crowd had a blast dancing and were really good at it too!


The Melbourne Post office building.

I really loved last nights outfit, it was so snappy to rock. :D
I'm looking forward to next time, but tomorrow begins o week, and the start of uni, so please enjoy for now :D


Kimono De Jack Australia:

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