Monday, April 21, 2014

SUSS Snow day 2014 part 1

April 15 2014,
The SUSS (Swinburne University Snow Squad) Snow day, sponsored by Red Bull, while I'd joined up to the club during O week because i love to ski :D I hadn't realised this was happening, so when i turned up at 9:30 for my Microeconomics tute, I got a awesome surprise.
10 tons of snow, a bungee cod, and a rail. If I was a jumper or trickster, and my ski's were there i would have been on that thing asap. But I'm downhill so even if i had them probs not.
Either way the people having a go had awesome fun! Nice tricks and some stacks.
Hope you enjoy the shots :D
SUSS facebook page:

Hope you enjoyed :D

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