Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Sister created this Fire Emblem Awakening cosplay last year just before Australia's Pax. since then she has been making tweaks to the ensemble, and i finally had a chance to do a shoot with her in it last weekend.

Our location was Falls Creek (a Mountain in Australia) That was ravaged by fire in 2003. 11 years later and the hills surrounding Falls Creek Village, are lined with white gums, skeletons of the fires. I honestly can't remember what they looked like before that time, as it is now so ingrained in my memory. ( I will note i was 8 years old at the time though) While a sad and frightening event the scars make for a beautiful site, and are just a dream to work with for photography. Especially a character from a war game. I hope you enjoy the results of the shoot, as i did taking them.

The Character is called Robin.

This shoot was wicked fun, and i hijacked Ryuu's laptop because mine doesn't have photoshop. believe me, they may look vibrant but there pretty damn close to what my eyes see.
These photos are watermarked for once, and first uploaded to my deviant art page under a creative commons license. Higher rez versions of the photos are there. See under photographer link.

The tumblr feed for whitch these were lovingly made:


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