Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Food in Japan

I'm trying to get back into blog posting by updating the things I've done over the last year.
What pops up in most of these photos? Food.
Food being so easy to try and cheap and easy to grab compared to shows. ah the life :P

In this post i just want to show you some of the food i had while i was in Japan. Turns out a Vegemite sandwich is not the normal lunch around the world :D
Breakfast one morning (Vegemite toast, yoghurt, veggie stock soup)

Oden, miso, rice etc

Breaki in a hotel (buffet)
eggs, miso, toast, bread, rice, orange juice :D

Restaurant: Sukiya 
Oh my lord please someone franchise this store in Australia. Specifically Melbourne :P I only ate there once in my 6 weeks in Japan, but i really need to learn how to make a beef bowl like this! 

These are from Tokyo Disneyland. We had a A la carte lunch, witch was excellent. Couldn't say the same for the burger for afternoon tea :(

Deep fried seafood veggies etc


Oden hot pot yummo!

In 6 weeks you eat a lot of food. remind me to take more photos of food next time :D 

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