Thursday, February 13, 2014

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 it's great to see all of the outfits people have been comming up for me, but what is making me even more happy is the discussion it's creating. People not wanting to contribute because they are worried about rule, or that they like me lack a sence of colour co-ordination, and like to chuck whatevor togethor before asking someone else if it looks ok. Or for those who are confident with there own styles and are giving me something of there own to create. It truly is fantastic to whatch. So i urge anyone who wants to whethor you know the kimono rules or not to have a go. This is experimentation, not critism, and the result is beutifull ^^
Thursday, March 22, 2012

In Australia (I don't know about anywere else) It is cultural divesity week. Culminating Yesterday (21 March)As the international day for elimination of Racial Discrimination. I wanted to do something since my love for kimono is from another race.
I decided on My Furisode since the ribbon we were given is orange and i wanted to cary the theme. The ribbon is pinned into the bottom of my plat.
I'm really happy with the photo's we got of this outfit. I suggested to ryuu chan we have a shot on mum's steps, and it was just perfect. (too bad about the shed T_T)

The Outfit has my Chu furisode, Fukuro obi, a white loose knit scarf, my boots. Plus the ribbon. I would deffinetly wear this set again.
Shots by my sister.

Model; me
matta ne

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