Thursday, February 13, 2014

Now my main blog

I had one other blog (The flying obi: ) that this one here is replacing, so I will be adding in a few of my favourite posts from there, to get this blog on the role.
This is a master post more or less from my previous blog linked above.

Tue nov 5th 2013
Todays kitsuke in honour of the melbourne cup, and look, puppy !!!!
IMG_7273 by siren10101
IMG_7273, a photo by siren10101 on Flickr.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ahh it's been a while since i blogged, I've been busy handing in resumes, sowing whatever i can get my hands on drawing designs, yadda yadda yadda,  pretty much everything i wanted to do all last year but couldn't justify ^^
I've promised a Friend of mine a Lolita shoot, so that's on the table at the moment, but I'll leave  you with my most recent creation.

Do you like the new layout?? The background is a sketch of a lollita skirt i want to make ^^

I've loved pinstripes for a long time, and simple outfits with something small to bling them up. While I'm not good at doing that with my normal clothes, i seem to be getting the hang of it in kitsuke.


For this i chose a gold earring that has a chain tassel and a piece that clips around the top of your lobe (can't remember what it's called) unfortunately they don't often sell them in pairs, but i the same one the other day on sale and bought it so i had a pair ^^

The tateya musubi came out really nicely and crisp, so I'm quite happy with that ^^ This obi is truly one of my faves.

The kimono itself is unlined. I rarely line mine,
1: because I have trouble getting it to line up nicely
2: It's expensive ( i could be making more XP)
and last but not least,
3: I'm a snow Bunnie through and through, Australia being warmer most of the year, i prefer to not have the extra warmth so i can make more use out of my geometric kimono ^^

I think if when i get a job they'll let me, this would be a great kimono to wear during multicultural work. Business like, but definitely quirky and kimono.

If i ever made my own kimono brand, you'd probably see a lot of stuff like this,
I'd be curious to hear your thoughts.

Matta ne,

Monday, September 16, 2013
    Traveling kimono round 2

So you know when your having one of those weeks, stressed out, depressed etc etc, and something special happens and it all brightens up ^^
well the traveling kimonos arrival did just that for me.
I got the chance too wear it twice between work, and i planned to again today, but it's ben pouring down rain, so there was really no point after work today (i wanted some shots with the wattle, anyway, enjoy.

Friday, October 19, 2012
    Art exhibition

Yesterday, i spent most of my free periods helping  set up my schools year 12 art exhibition, I helped move across and display 90% of the photography works. Job well done XD
On the other hand, my right hand now has six large paper cuts, and my nails arn't looking much better XD

Tonight we made the opening and i decided to wear kimono.
I chose a very special obi as it was one i made especially for my photography class from a photo of a kookaburra transferred onto calico.

Me at the exhibition, please excuse the blurring, our VCE artworks shouldn't be online till December.

Just a shot so you can see the back ^^
What do you think???

So i bought a Friend of my a issue of the Gothic and Lolita bible for her birthday, and it inspired a Lolita inspired kitsuke.
But my hairs so long at the moment it would take hours to put curls in my hair. Enter sister! Shorter hair and twin resemblance XP
What do you think of our Lolita inspired kitsuke???

Hmm i seem to be getting better at creating interesting ensembles. If only i had some taisho pieces T_T

I havce been running this for a month or so on my Da page and a thread on ig. But i would like to spread far and wide for interested partys ^^

well heres the thing, i'm not completly happy with the co-ordinations i have created with my kimono collection and i'd like to ask some of my fantastic wathcer and freinds.
And for anyone wanting to do this for a kimono fella, Hikari kun has decided to join in; his da page is here ^^;
I've posted 3 pictures on my flickr acount,
and here;
the first with my kimono, the second my obi, the third my obiage, jime, and collars.
I would like you to pick the pieces as you would do for yourself. ( i have given each a number) and i will put them togethor and post a shot, if you have an idea in mind with a certain style (miniskirt/3 quarter length/trailing, certain musubi, way of tying obiage, wanted accesorie, hair or shoes. let me know that as well.
If you want to join in, send me a note or comment here.
If your on Immortal Geisha heres a link to the thread ;
Let's see if we can come up with something awesome.
:iconfariskalin: co-ordinated one fantastic, i wouldnever have used these 2 togethor if you hadn't mentioned i, so thankyou ^^
And these 2 were co-ordinated by Rubiminki, of Immortal geisha forums.

Lyuba's outfit;


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